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I ran across some interesting toki pona texts today...
03-21-2013, 03:47 AM (This post was last modified: 03-23-2013 04:43 AM by janJoni.)
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I ran across some interesting toki pona texts today...

It seems that someone is using the lorum ipsum generator on [EDIT: Actually, it looks like they're using the one at:]to generate spamvertisements on eBay Guides in Singapore... ?

How strange; I wonder what they would be trying to accomplish. All the guides are rated highly, so it makes me think that maybe they have other accounts that they use to boost the rating.

If you Google for "ike pi taso musi lukin" you can find what I'm talking about.

(Sorry, not exactly a "toki pona text" in the sense that it's useful for studying / enjoying the language, but of the two spots it seemed the better one to put it. I must say, though, I found it quite funny to figure out what it was. I was going to put this thread on the forum since it has more suited categories for this, but my activation hasn't been e-mailed yet - I noticed there's a thread about problems that that is having...)

tenpo pini la sina li lukin ala lukin e ni? sina pilin e seme sike ni?

o awen pona!
-jan Joni
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03-23-2013, 07:12 AM
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RE: I ran across some interesting toki pona texts today...
Yes, but my generator generates syntactically valid toki pona, where as the other one is just a random assortment from a word list that includes the part of speech markers.

The syntactically valid generator is actually useful for getting a feel for how big a sentence could get if all the slots were filled. Also, if you've read tp for a while, you get used to having to read for a bit before it becomes clear. While reading machine generated text, your brain begins to thrash going through the possible meanings and it gets very tiresome to read. If I were to ever finish writing my own fake language, I would want to write a syntactically valid lorum ipsum generator to see if the range of sentence possibilities were broad enough.

And I'll activate your account on the other forum-- I'm convinced the smpt server is down, but I only have moderator rights, not the full admin rights.

Quote:tenpo kama la ijo pi luka olin supa li sijelo e ni insa e pan ilo pi lon tomo tu. sitelen pi musi ike lili li pona jelo pi ilo ala kalama. lon anpa pi pimeja soweli ona li kama pakala e pini pi anpa wan sewi lon mi poka laso. moli li jelo pilin pi kipisi weka nimi la lape wan li sewi.

mute waso pi kule linja jo li lukin. unpa jaki li awen sin kepeken nanpa kepeken jelo pi lukin nimi mi la toki pi lipu pali wawa li weka suno. seli alasa pi soweli sina jo li suli weka. toki ni pi namako kiwen kipisi li oko kepeken pini sama mije pi lon uta pan li pini musi la nimi esun pi ike lape seme li poka len.

tu jo li nasin sama suwi pi meli lawa ona la lipu pimeja pi ante lupa kute li ken luka e lawa tomo lon insa li ken pimeja e walo pi seli pana mani e seme sinpin pi sin sama suli kepeken mama pi meli nanpa moku tan lipu. pona lupa pi musi sona pipi li pini anpa e pilin lape pi linja ale anpa li mi sama linja kepeken lipu pi anpa kiwen kalama la moli li ken lipu e pali insa pi seme pana monsi poka jan weka lon seli pona pi ala mi mun li utala e palisa mu e lipu pi poki laso alasa tan ona sama tomo jan pi lawa suno nasa. kulupu pi sitelen sinpin ona li tan laso ni lon lawa esun pi tan unpa jaki. mije esun li awen mute e musi pi awen kala seme la poki pi walo olin sijelo li tu uta.

tenpo kama la namako pi suno kute tomo li sinpin. nasin pi pali kasi sona li kule la mute unpa pi mute kule nimi li. meli monsi pi mani olin lete li pakala lon sewi li lape e poki pi waso supa nasa e nasin wan lon mi mani poka tu waso pi alasa len awen. ali pi pilin sitelen mute li.

sina pi mi weka seme li unpa. luka li open toki e mute lawa pi mute pona jaki e wawa jelo pi jan nena mije poka suwi sitelen pi kalama loje ale poka pan pi sike soweli jo li pini pipi e ma laso pi tenpo jelo kipisi. esun anpa pi pilin linja moli li mun e lete lon selo pi loje monsi kalama poka mun la laso pi meli pipi sitelen li ken selo e lape pi wan pan soweli e soweli musi sama olin li waso e sike awen pi pona musi nena e mun poka sina pi tawa open suno. mu ale li nena e weka e luka pi laso jan kute lon ale pi kili lukin ona tan jelo li mije e pakala linja pi moku nasa kalama poka supa kule pi musi ilo sitelen.

tenpo kama la suwi jan pi suli seme anpa li ale pi tomo open namako. mi li ken utala e moli pi lawa pini kulupu e tan namako pi weka mun ale poka unpa pilin tan kepeken li ken jaki e len pi kepeken poki ma e len pi sitelen pana mije lon pipi utala. lupa akesi pi wan sona nasa li pona ike. mi li sike e ale jaki e tomo li open jan e selo sama ni sama kili ko.

poki toki pi open pipi unpa li kepeken ante kili poka ma luka pi pakala seli mi. nena oko pi lete pana pipi li open kule e ale pi pimeja musi nena tan moli tenpo pi tenpo walo luka li kulupu e selo poka utala poka suwi pi weka alasa monsi la ni kipisi pi waso tomo supa li awen nanpa e weka lon sijelo pi jan len mama li ken toki e mute sona kepeken mun nanpa. supa pi weka sama monsi li ken ilo e pini pi wawa pakala supa e palisa uta pi open walo anu. pona sijelo pi ante ona tawa li open nimi kepeken mute tan pakala suwi.

selo li kon e ale pakala lon ale telo tan lukin mi pi nimi wan pimeja li sin poka lon pana kepeken pan pilin. tenpo lili la nena jelo li awen lon li pini utala.
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03-25-2013, 12:34 AM
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RE: I ran across some interesting toki pona texts today...
This is lovely. It keeps almost making sense and tempts one to fill in the contextual gaps to bring out the whole story. Nice job!
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