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How about a Pictogram Written Language
11-06-2014, 08:27 AM
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RE: How about a Pictogram Written Language
That Pictogram system was way more complicated than I envisioned.

Try to imagine: My scanner is broke:

suno: A circle with 6 rays—no need to make it too detailed.

mun: Think about the "Man-in-the-Moon". No need for extraneous detail. A Circle with a Single Circle (the mouth) inside.

seke: A Simple Circle.

waso: a "V"

soweli: a bird's eye view of an oval with four stick legs.

pipi: a bird's eye view of a "body" circle, a smaller "head" circle and 8 legs (yes, insects have 3 body segments and six legs. Two segments is simpler and 8 legs make it less likely to be mistaken for "soweli".

kili: all kinds of fruit, bursa use a "U" shaped like a stylized Banana.

moku can mean "food" or "eat"

How about a hotdog—a somewhat skinnier "U" shape than the Banana with a stylized outline of a hotdog bun.

jan: a stick figure

tawa: a stick figure with two-line stick arms and legs—one up, one down on the arms; one forward and one back on the legs…

und so weider.

Sakon Wiolen

O yeah, some of the more abstract words will require more arbitrary symbols.

Come to think of it, my sister has a way to get drawings into the computer. I may take the time to work up a whole set of symbols.

"Cowards Theorize with the Goal of Staying Alive Firmly in Mind." From "The Hagakure"
"That Has to be a Flying Saucer. I Don't Believe in Aeroplanes." Just Me
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