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Help me Decipher This
11-04-2014, 07:18 AM
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Help me Decipher This

I learned my toki pona—such as it is—over about a ten day period while my Internet Access was shut off.

I used the old 2005 PDF.

I'm a "Brute Force" type of mentality—in the Mathematical Sense—and I learned by reading the lessons—and the answer text—over and over again till it started to make sense.

Those appendix texts at the end of the PDF have me biting my tail and running in circles.

”kasi pona”
kasi suli en jan lili li jan pona. taso ali li ante. ni li toki pona.

I get:

Plants Good

"Plants big/ People Little/ People Good/ But All (is) Different/ This (is) toki pona.

Okay, but the next line Baffles me even more:

”jan ike Kin li pakala e tenpo pona Kolisu!”
jan ike Kin li wile pakala e tenpo pona Kolisu. ona li ken ala ken pona e wile ike ni?

People Bad/ Also Bollix "Time (of?) Good Christianity"

People Bad/ Also Want Bollix "Time (of?) Good Christianity."

He (She/It)/ Are Able to~not^Are Able To /Good/ Want Bad/This?

”jan Lowe”
jan Wansa li wile moli e kasi. taso jan Lowe li wile ala e ni.

Personal Pronoun "Lowe"

Personal Pronoun "Wansa"/ Want (to) Dead (i.e. "Kill") Plants. But "Lowe" Wants This ~ Not.

Okay, the last one made sense finally. "Wansa" wants to kill plants but "Lowe" doesn't.

Is the text saying that Bad People want to Bollix things in "The Year of Our Lord."? i.e. in the immediate present?

Or is he saying that Bad People want to Bollix Christianity Itself

If so, why doesn't he say:

"Kolisu Nasin" instead of "Tenpo Pona Kolisu"?


Yeah, my translation is rather literal and disjointed. That's so I can plug alternate meanings and try to make some sense of it at last.

Sakon Wiolen
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