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Is toki pona an Isolating Monocategorial Associational language?
01-03-2013, 06:56 AM (This post was last modified: 01-03-2013 07:16 AM by janmato.)
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Is toki pona an Isolating Monocategorial Associational language?
A bit of googling and bam, this is the science of simple languages here and more exciting than HMMMM (the idea that Neaderthals didn't speak, but did music, mostly beat box tunes and wordless rapping)

Here is a pdf slide show:

So I wrote a syntax for a language and some said it look like an IMA. The idea is by David Gil, who has a paper titled "How Much Grammar Does It Take to Sail a Boat?" (It's about how archaic humans probably had to communicate to cross the oceans and become the flores hobbits.

lacking in word-internal morphological structure

• Monocategorial
lacking in distinct syntactic categories

lacking in distinct construction-specific rules
of semantic interpretation, relying instead on
default application of the association operator"

Isolating -- almost. pi attaches to the word and so does e, as compared to li, which can have modals inserted between it and the verb.
Monocategorical -- almost. Words can go in any slot, except la, e, li and pi.
Associational -- this is what I keep thinking of when I use pi-- it's like the universal operator that stands in for anything you please, and modification in toki pona seems to work the same way (noun modifier) means, the noun is somehow characterized by modifier, a pick any relation you please thing.
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