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A Poem Translated - Sakon Wiolen - 11-11-2014 06:28 AM

This is a Poem by George Washington Sears that I attempted to Translate.

The final Version owes more to janKute and janMato than it does to me:


LONG years ago, in early June,
When brooks and birds were in high tune, I sat beneath an oak at noon,—

A grand old oak of grateful shade; And at my side a dark-eyed maid Who listened, and was not afraid.

Her eyes were moist with pearly tears; She whispered that in later years
We would divide our hopes and fears.

For years, long years, it was my dream, An idle ignis fatuus gleam
Of moonlight on a frozen stream.


I passed that way when years had fled, I could not find the streamlet’s bed, The oak was withered, sere and dead

Oft, as I brush my locks of gray,
I muse upon that summer day;
The shady oak, and streamlet’s play.


tenpo-pini la tenpo-sike suli la tenpo-mun pi nanpa luka wan la tenpo telo-linja lili la waso li kalama-musi-sewi.
mi li lon-anpa e kasi ~lon tenpo-suno-sewi.
tenpo-sike mute pi pimeja pona la kasi li pona.
meli pi pimeja oko li ~poka mi.
meli li kute e mi li pilin-ike-tan ni:
mi li lon-ala ni.
meli oko li telo e telo-walo sike.
meli li toki pi wawa-ala.
mi li mute li kama ~sama lon tenpo-kama.
mi li mute li jo e wile poka li wile kin li sama-ala.
tenpo-sike la tenpo-sike suli la mi li wile e pona.
ni li lon:
seli ala li suno ala.
mi li lukin e suno e mun e telo-linja lili e telo-kiwen.
tenpo-sike mute li weka.
mi li lukin e telo-linja lili-ala.
kasi li ike.
kasi li pimeja e meli.
mi li pilin mute e ni:
linja-lawa mi li walo.
mi li pilin e ni:
tenpo-suli li tenpo-suno-pini.
Kasi li pimeja pona e telo-linja lili musi.

I'm going to stick to easier translation projects for awhile.

Sakon Wiolen