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Full Version: What the heck is Bresenish and what is it doing on a tp site?
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There have been a boatload of toki pona derivatives and toki pona inspired small languages. I decided to write one myself to try to deliver on some of the promises of the original description of toki pona-- in particular, a language that has features of interest to people with mood disorders, like depression. When the LA Times article came out, it said jan Sonja created tp during a bout of depression, hence my idea of a therapeutic conlang.

Here is my first stab at syntax:

And here is the draft lexicon

And I'm working on morphology

I looked at your Blog.

I think that I'm reasonably intelligent, but Tar Nation!

I have no idea what all that talk about "Dative", "Nominative", "Accusative", "Genitive", "Vocative", etc mean.

I do know a bit about Set Theory—not much, but some.

"Is/~Is Not a member of the set of…"

Is a big part of the second half of Symbolic Logic. I have Several Books on Symbolic Logic, but I never persevered long enough to get past the first half.


toki pona kinda reminds me of Polish Notation now that I think about it…

Ever study Symbolic Logic using Polish Notation?

I like it better than the Principia Notation. They used Principia Notation at Purdue—and I failed that one…

Anyway, can you give a little bit of an idea what type Language you hope to make Bresenish?

Sakon Wiolen
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