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Full Version: toki pona article on wikipedia up for deletion
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(cross posted to toki forum)

toki ponans! Wikipedia (well 1 person) wants to delete the article. So we need to :

1) Track down references to the language, especially ones that go beyond brief mention
e.g. -
- Get rid of reference that only mention toki pona in a list.
- The Russian "Speed of Thought" reference is bogus-- the author says he doesn't know squat about toki pona.
- toki pona got brief mention in Arika Okrend's book

2) Improve the quality of the article
Here is one discussion of quality issues:
- The provenance stuff should have been a post on the forum, a blog, wiki books or what ever.
- The comparison to New Speak is misleading, unfair, uninformed. Might as well compare it to ... well fill in the blank.
- The "fluent speakers" bit implies that fluency means the same thing it might mean in French or English proficiency. Being fluent in toki pona is more like being fluent in C# or competent at playing card games.

3) For people who have standing to vote on keep/delete, please vote.
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